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Supplementary Agreement
to an Employment Contract No. 18-107/1 from 01 November 2018
 January 3, 2019
EMPLOYER: Joint Stock Company Freedom Finance, (Certificate of state re-registration issued on September 09, 2013), located at: 77/7, al-Farabi ave., "Esentai Tower" BC, Floor 3, Almaty, represented by the Chairman of the Management Board, Mr. Minikeyev Roman Damirovich, acting based on the Charter, and
EMPLOYEE: Mr. Tashtitov Askar Bolatovich, ID number [***] -issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs dated [***], IIN [***], residing at the address: [***], hereinafter jointly referred to as the Parties, have concluded this supplementary agreement (hereinafter the "Agreement") to the employment contract (hereinafter the "Contract") No. 18-107/1 dated November 1, 2018 about the following:
1. Item 1. Appendix No. 1 to the Contract and put as follows:
1. The employer establishes the following size and procedure for remuneration of the employee:
The monthly salary of an employee is: 4 000 000 (four million) tenge (excluding contributions to compulsory social health insurance, compulsory pension contributions to the accumulative pension fund and individual travel tax and other compulsory payments at budget rates in the manner determined by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.)
2. The remaining terms of the Agreement remain unchanged.
3. This Agreement shall enter into force upon signature by the Parties.
4. This Agreement is made in two copies, one for each of the Parties.
Joint Stock Company           
Tashtitov Askar Bolatovich
Freedom Finance
050040, Republic of Kazakhstan           
ID number [***]
Almaty City, Bostandyk District                      
Issued by Ministry of Internal Affairs
77/7, al-Farabi ave., Floor 3             
of Kazakhstan dated [***]
RNN [***]             
IIN [***]
BIN 061140003010                       
Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty City,
IIC [***]                                                                            
BIC [***]
Chairman of the Board
/s/ Minikeyev R.D.
/s/  Tashtitov, A.B.
Minikeyev, R.D.
Tashtitov, A.B.
Translation of the company seal:
/Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty
Freedom Finance Joint Stock Company/