What is Freedom Holding Corp.'s stock symbol?

Our stock is traded on the OTCQX under the symbol FRHC.

When was Freedom Holding Corp. incorporated?

We were incorporated in 1981 in the State of Utah and subsequently re-domiciled to the State of Nevada in 2004.

When did Freedom Holding Corp. become a public company?

Our shares first began trading in 1994.

Where is Freedom Holding Corp. located?

We are a financial services holding company that owns several operating subsidiaries primarily located in Central Asia. Our corporate headquarters are located in Almaty, Kazakhstan with executive offices located in Moscow, Russia and Salt Lake City, Utah.

When is Freedom Holding Corp.'s fiscal year end?

March 31st

Who is Freedom Holding Corp.'s transfer agent?

Pacific Stock Transfer
6725 Via Austi Pkwy
Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89119
T: (800) 785-7782

Are the common shares of FRHC issued in paper or electronic form?

Currently, our shares are issued in paper certificate form.

Are FRHC common shares eligible for DTC FAST Transfer?

Yes, provided the shares are eligible for deposit with the Depository Trust Corporation (DTC).  Shares acquired directly from FRHC in private transactions are deemed to be restricted securities under SEC Rule 144 and are not eligible for deposit with the DTC until the restrictions on resale have been satisfied.

Can the transfer agent deliver uncertificated shares directly to Euroclear or Clearstream?

No. The transfer agent can only deliver uncertificated shares to the DTC for the account of a DTC participant. Euroclear and Clearstream are not participants, but indirect participants in the DTC.

Who is Freedom Holding Corp.'s independent auditor?


Who is Freedom Holding Corp.'s outside legal counsel?

Poulton & Yordan

Is FRHC a registered broker/dealer in the United States?

No. All of our securities trading operations are conducted outside the United States at the present time. As we continue to develop our business in Central Asia it might become advisable to have some kind of broker dealer presence in the United States.

Why are there connections between FRHC and professional firms and persons in the State of Utah?

In 2003 a Toronto, Canada-based investment banking and a group of Kazakh businessmen acquired our corporate entity which, at the time, was a publicly traded shell corporation. The entity was used to acquire a Kazakhstan limited liability company that held an oil and gas exploration concession in Kazakhstan. Following the acquisition, the entity, then known as BMB Munai, Inc. raised several rounds of capital, conducted oil exploration and drilling activities and acquired production licenses over its concessions. In 2006 the entity was listed on the American Stock Exchange, the first company wholly run by an executive management from Kazakhstan. In 2011 the oil and gas assets were sold to a Chinese public company traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Thereafter the Kazakhstani management team began investigating new business opportunities for the entity. The shareholder of Freedom Finance, Timur Turlov acquired control of the corporate entity in 2015 and changed its name to Freedom Holding Corp. However, a number of key personnel have continued to work with us, including Askar Tashtitov, President, Evgeniy Ler, CFO, and two of our independent directors that reside in Utah. We have continued to use the same accounting and legal services firms in Utah, as they have demonstrated over several years their ability to understand our business environment and provide essential assistance to our management team in conforming to the demanding regulatory scheme in the United States.