What is Freedom Holding Corp.'s stock symbol?

Our stock is traded on Nasdaq under the symbol FRHC.

When was Freedom Holding Corp. incorporated?

We were incorporated in 1981 in the State of Utah and subsequently re-domiciled to the State of Nevada in 2004.

When did Freedom Holding Corp. become a public company?

Our shares first began trading in 1994.

Where is Freedom Holding Corp. located?

We are a financial services holding company that owns several operating subsidiaries most of which are located in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) region including Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.  In addition, some of our other subsidiaries operate in Cyprus, Germany and the United States. Our corporate headquarters are located in Almaty, Kazakhstan with executive offices located in Moscow, Russia and Las Vegas, Nevada.

When is Freedom Holding Corp.'s fiscal year end?

March 31st

Who is Freedom Holding Corp.'s transfer agent?

Pacific Stock Transfer
6725 Via Austi Pkwy
Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89119
T: (800) 785-7782

Are the common shares of FRHC issued in paper or electronic form?

Ownership of shares are issued are evidenced in both paper certificate and book entry formats in line with industry standards.

Is the Company part of the DTC FAST system?

Yes, we are eligible for DTC FAST.

Who is Freedom Holding Corp.'s independent auditor?

Our independent auditor is WSRP, LLC and they are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Who is Freedom Holding Corp.'s outside legal counsel?

Our corporate securities legal counsel is Poulton & Yordan and their offices are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.